Friday, 30 September 2011

Can’t win all the time…

…and you don’t need to. Sometimes it’s better to let things go. Even if it means that someone else will think, erroneously, that you are guilty. After all, you can’t change someone else’s mind, can you? You think of yourself as being in the right, so does the other person. Different perspectives, and trying to change it is like someone asking you to find a new way to walk. Just can’t happen.

Today I was accused of being insensitive, because I would not make a sacrifice that I found to be deeply unfair. The very fact that someone would make such a request of me is something that I found to be ridiculous and…what is the word for something that makes the anger bubble up inside you? I am afraid I chose to respond to this request, to make clear my feelings about it, and that led to a nasty exchange, which served no purpose. It changed nothing. The other person thinks I’m an ass, I think the other person is a twit, and we are both where we were before the argument started. So what changed? And why did I need to upset myself over something like this?

It takes a lot of control to not respond. To hold back your anger, to remind yourself that it isn’t worth it. It takes more strength than you know. But it’s important to realize that anger makes us weak. Anger robs us of perspective, of judgment, of our capacity to be fair and kind, and turns us into violent animals, who cause hurt, very often to others, and always to one’s self.

Look at it this way. Why would you let anything, or anyone, who is not really that important, disturb your inner peace? I will have to learn to protect myself, from all these uncontrolled impulses, that bring nothing but bitterness.
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