Thursday, 29 September 2011

More Change

I guess your life and everything related to it changes when you start saying no to certain things. When you start saying no to cigarettes, when you start saying no to alcohol, you suddenly find yourself without friends, because all of them still drink and smoke. I was at a party tonight. I decided not to drink because it’s a weeknight, and I quit smoking in February. So suddenly I’m not part of the whole “Let’s pop out for a smoke” group anymore. And I wasn’t high either, so I wasn’t doing what I usually do when I’m high, which is to profess my love for everyone and generally make a complete fool of myself.

But it’s funny how when one door closes for you, others open. You discover this other world, also populated by people like you, who drink less and don’t smoke at all, and you discover that there are ways of getting along. Instead of popping out for a smoke in between work, read a page or two of a book, or just chat over a coffee, or do something, anything, that refreshes your mind without causing permanent damage. Instead of drinking yourself silly at a party, just have a coke (diet, of course!), and for a change actually pay attention to the music the DJ is playing, or, in my case, have a conversation with a beautiful lady.

As you change, your world changes with you. And you know what? That’s fine by me!
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